Test Film

Before starting to film our final 5 minute short film we created a test one which was just a simple phone call between two friends. My part in this was I helped with some of the sound, I acted and also I edited and put together the whole film. Everything else like filming and the script was done by the other people I worked with to create this film.

From this test film there was a number of things I could improve and that I learned from creating it. The first was that we need to practice with sound more as in some places it is very quiet and others it was fine. Second we need to choose where we film carefully as the second location was very dark and so we could have done with some more lighting. Finally we should also be careful with the microphone as in some clips you can see the top of the microphone. All though this film is not the best for our first try and my first time at editing it, it turned out ok.


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