Target Audience Questionnaire

I created a questionnaire on Survey Monkey to find out what people thought of my idea for the short film. I asked questions which would help us to create the best film to fit the right audience. I used many different questions that covered a wide range of things we are thinking of including in our film. The questions that I asked in my questionnaire were:

· Are you male or female?

· What is your age?

· Do you like watching horror films?

· What was the last horror film you watched?

· Do you find the use of night vision scary in a horror film?

· Does the location of a horror film affect how scary the film is?

· Which of these locations would you say is the scariest?

· Do you find ghosts in a horror film scary?

· In your opinion what is the scariest horror film you have watched?

· Would you go to the cinema to watch a horror film?

I posted the link to my survey on my Facebook and asked people to complete it for me. Here is the link to my published questionnaire:


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