Target Audience Profiling

Our short film will be a horror film and will be aimed at people between 18-23 years old. The film could be aimed at both male and female but we are concentrating more at aiming it at males. Their current film taste genres are things like sci-fi, thriller and other horror films for example The Woman in Black, Paranormal Activity and The Possession. This genre is popular as some horror films can be created on a low budget like Paranormal Activity; this has a good effect as it makes the film seem more realistic and shows that we could also create a film on a low budget. Their audience type according to Young and Rubicam would be Reformers as their consumer preferences are that they don’t have many branded products and just tend to buy items from the high street. I would say that they do visit the cinema but not very often and they do tend to buy DVDs more than they visit the cinema. Finally on their socioeconomic profile their profession is on a low to mid income which would be around the C2 to D area. I think that they would like our film as we want to make it as realistic as possible and my film will also be created on a low budget. It will also be like someone is filming it to create a realistic feel and also connect with the audience.


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