Target Audience Profiling

My short film will be a documentary about horses and so will be aimed at people between 16-21 year olds and will be purely aimed at females due to it being very female orientated. I also think that as most of the people in it will be female this means it will attract more towards females as males may not be interested in a documentary based on horses. Their current film taste genres would be things like romance and comedy for example films like Love Actually, A Cinderella Story and The-Break Up. This genre is very popular with both males and females but like my documentary is mainly aimed at females. I think this genre is popular because it can be realistic about relationships and with it having a touch of comedy it helps to make the situations seem funny. The audience type according to Young and Rubicam would be Reformers as their consumer preferences are that they don’t have many branded products and just tend to buy items from the high street. They do visit the cinema probably around once a month or every other month and they do tend to buy a few DVDs. Finally on their socioeconomic profile their profession is on a low to mid income which would be around the C2 to D area. I think that they would like my film because it will be produced on a relatively low income and will have point of views from people who have experienced different aspects of horses. I want my film to be very interesting and contain lots of shots so that it keeps the viewer interested and wanting to watch my film.


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