Shot Ideas

For my documentary I decided to create a list of a variety of different shots to make sure I get what I need when filming and editing my documentary. I want to use lots of different shots in this documentary and creating this list was the best way I could get all my ideas down and not forget them. I have put the shots into different categories so I that I have a step by step process.

Getting Out the Field

· Walking up to the horse

· Putting a head collar on

· Giving them a treat

· Leading them out the field


· Brushing body

· Brushing face

· Combing mane and tail

· Picking out hooves

· Polishing hooves

Tacking Up

· Putting saddle on

· Doing up girth

· Putting bridle on

· Doing up throat lash

· Putting on boots

Getting On

· Putting hat on and doing it up

· Putting gloves on

· Climbing up mounting block

· Putting foot in stirrup

· Grabbing reins


· Walking around

· Walking away from camera

· Walking too camera

· Close up of horses hooves walking

· Trotting away from camera

· Trotting too camera

· Close up of horses hooves trotting

· Cantering up a hill

· Cantering away from camera

· Cantering too camera

· Jumping a log

· Playing in the water

· Patting when in the saddle

· Lots of clips over the chase

Close Ups

· Close up of eye

· Close up of ear twitching

· Close up of muzzle breathing

Field Clips

· Playing with the other horses

· Drinking water

· Eating hay

· Eating tea

· Walking around

These are the shots I have came up with however when it comes to filming I may have some more ideas that may work to add to my shots list.


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