Short Film Analysis

I did some research on the internet to find two short films that were the same genre as mine to analyse. I found two short films I liked and that would be good to analyse but one is 7 minutes and another is 3.

The first one I found on YouTube and is called “The Long Run” which is a documentary that is based around race horses a trainer and an ex-jockey so is relatively similar to my film with it being based around horses.

In this documentary there is a variety of different camera shots which I like and have gave me some inspiration when i am going to produce my film. There are lots of different shots of the horses which I like for example when they are focusing on the horses tack, different parts of the horse’s body, the horse’s nose when breathing and the horse’s hooves when galloping. With the variety of different shots in this documentary help to keep the viewer interested and have helped me to come up with some shots to use in my film. When they are interviewing people to they also use a variety of shots and sometimes overlay shots whilst using voiceovers.

There is also use of non-diegetic and diegetic sound in this documentary as well as the use of voice overs in some shots. The non-diegetic soundtracks used also create an effect and play a part in making the film more interesting. The shots used also fit the music well and ties in well with the documentary. In my film I want to use non-diegetic soundtracks to overlay some shots and so I will have to enquire with the music department as to whether they could make me some music. I also want to try and use some diegetic sound like the sound of horse’s hooves on the pavement and the sound of horses neighing. By using a mixture of non-diegetic and diegetic sound it creates different effects and does not focus on the same thing for too long and so the viewer does not get bored as there are a lot of different transitions, effects and sounds going on.

The lightening of the shots varies depending on the shots as in some parts it appears quite dark and in others it appears very light which also ties in with the sound of the music. When I am filming I want my shots to be quite bright and light as I want my film to be happy and for the audience to become emotionally attached rather than it being dramatic.

Although the plot is different to mine, the technical aspects are similar to mine like the interviews, voice overs and the shots and these will be what I want to use in my short film. All the things used in this documentary portray different meanings and the things used are also generic conventions of a documentary. Overall I like this short documentary and it has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas to use in my one.

The second short film I found is called “Just Keep Moving” and is based around mountain biking and a male doing mountain biking so this documentary is almost like a day in the life. Although this is a different theme it is still the same genre and I have chosen to analyse this one because some of the camera shots used in this documentary I could use and relate to my one which is based on horses.

Again in this documentary there is lots of different camera shots and transitions which is a generic convention of a documentary. They use a variety of close-ups and shots for far away so it sets the scene. I also like how some of the shots are from our point of view so we get to see what he sees when mountain biking. Some of the other shots are extreme close ups of different parts of the bike, these are used in the documentary I analysed before. The variety of shots also has lots of transitions and so the camera shots in both documentaries are very similar.

This documentary also uses both diegetic and non-diegetic sound throughout and also uses voiceovers like the previous documentary. This documentary also uses a non-diegetic soundtrack which overlays over the shots and is in the background when they use voice overs. The effects used with this soundtrack help to make the documentary seem more dramatic and tense and the different shots help to build this tension. Similar to the other documentary this one also uses some diegetic sounds like the noise of the bike when it is coming down the hill. The sound plays a big part in keeping the viewer interested and if the music was dull or boring then the viewer would lose interest in my documentary.

The lighting in these clips tends to be not very bright however the colours of each shot are still very vibrant and bright. With having the clips slightly darker it helps to add to the dramatic and tense feel of this documentary. I like how the use of lightening helps to create an effect however in my short film I want the clips to be light and bright as I want to create a happy and cheerful affect so that the audience becomes emotionally attached and can be involved with my documentary.

The plot in this short film is different to mine but again the technical aspects are again very similar. With watching this documentary it has given me even more ideas for different shots as I want to use many different angles to create different shots.

With analyzing both of these short films it has helped me to compare and contrast the similarities and differences in a documentary so that I can expand on my initial idea so that it becomes more clear and detailed. By doing this analysis it has helped me to become more aware about the different aspects in a documentary film.


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