Setting Up The Camera

To set up the camera ready to film there is a number of things you have to do.

1) First you have to attach the battery to the back of the camera by sliding it in until it clicks into place.

2) Next we have to put the tape into the camera.

3) At the bottom of the camera you have to flick the switch to open where the tape goes.

4) Then the part where the tape goes will pop out if the battery is on correctly.

5) Next you have to insert the tape the correct way into this compartment.

6) Gently push the side next to the tape until it clicks into place.

7) The tape will then automatically go into the camera once the side is in place.

8) Next you need to push the part we opened earlier back into place so that it clicks.

9) Then you need to attach the part where the camera attaches to the tripod. To do this you need to match up the pins with the two holes at the bottom of the camera.

10) Next you need to make sure it is tight on the camera, to tighten it you should use the silver screw and twist it to tighten it.

camera 1


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