Setting Up The Camera Part 2

11) You should then unclip the little compartment on top of the camera and slide the end of the sound connector in the top.

12) Then slide the other part of the sound connector into the top of the camera.

13) Make this tight by using the wheel underneath where the microphone plugs in.

14) Then open up the tripod and make it to the size you want it by opening the clips and sliding the legs out.

15) Attach the camera to the top by pushing the plate onto the top of the tripod.

16) Plug in the microphone cable into input one and check that the sound is working with headphones.

17) Then put the microphone into place and tighten to make sure it will stay put.

18) Next you need to make sure the camera is level by checking the spirit level.

19) To do this you should unscrew under the camera and move the camera so that it is level.

20) When it is level the spirit level will be in the middle of the red circle.

21) The camera is all set up!

camera 2


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