After analyzing the two short films it has helped me to become clearer on what my final documentary film will be.

It will be set in two locations, one being the field where I keep my horse and the other being where my friend keeps her horses. This will stick with the topic of being based around horses and so relates to my short film. I will include interviews and voice overs with up to 3 possibly 4 people, myself, two of my friends who also have and ride horses and hopefully my friends dad. In my documentary I want to use many different shots related to horses and the equestrian world to go over the voice overs so that it is interesting. I need to decide on what different types of shots I want and the questions I will ask when I am interviewing people because these are still pretty brief at the minute but my idea is developing. I feel by using these locations and people it still relates to my chosen target audience and is appealing to the right people.


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