Generic Conventions of a Horror Film

In modern horror a lot of the shots used in the film are usually dark and eerie to create the scary and creepy mood. By using shots with little light it adds to build up the tension in the film and to set the scene. This also adds to the audience becoming more involved with the film as the light enhances their emotions and feelings by creating a scary atmosphere. Some horror films use light with a blue tint to again create a creepy atmosphere. In our shorts film we will use some shots that are dark with little light to mimic this generic convention of a horror film so that our audience feel more involved in the film. We will also use a few shots with the blue light so that it creates the effect of night or moon light.

Screaming and Shouting
Also in modern horror films there is lots of screaming and shouting when something scary or thrilling happens. This also adds to the audience becoming more involved with the film as the screaming and shouting ads to scaring the audience because at times it happens when the audience will least expect it. Our short horror film will feature lots of screaming and shouting as we want to show our characters being frightened and nervous.

Most horror films are set in places where the victims are by themselves or have little around them, for example ‘The Woman in Black’. This helps to build up tension in horror films as if and when something happens to the actor they will be all alone. I think this also adds to connect the audience more as they become more involved with the person being all alone, it helps to set the scene and create the eerie mood of a modern day horror. We are going to set our short film so that our characters will be alone and so we will be following this generic convention of a modern horror.

Sound and Effects
We will also represent the genre of horror in our short film by the sound and effects. A lot of horror films do not include much non-diegetic sound so that it makes it easier for the audience to be more involved with the film. It helps to make the film seem more real by mainly using diegetic sound but by using non-diegetic sound as well it helps to build up the tension and creates a more thrilling and scary horror film.

Finally a main part of modern horror is the way shadows are used during the films. Most modern films use shadows to involve the audience more and add to the horror film mood. By using shadows it makes the film dark and also creates realism as we do think we see shadows. To create a more thrilling horror film we will use lots of shadows to relate to the psychological side of horror which will also lead to the audience relating to the film.


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