First Meeting

In our first production meeting we decided on who to have in the group, in my group I have Emily and Imogen. After deciding on our group we then started to plan what we wanted to make our 5 minute film about. We all discussed ideas and then decided that we all wanted our film to have a horror genre. With horror there are many different themes we could have from ghosts, to zombies and psychological horror. We started to discuss some ideas to what we would like in our film before finally settling on a horror film which has zombies and ghosts in it as this gives us lots of ways how we can edit our film. After we all had agreed on our main idea for our film we decided to sort out the jobs within our production. My jobs are:

  • ·         Cast and Crew lists – this means creating lists with responsibilities and contact details and the cast must sign the permission forms.
  • ·         Props and costumes – this involves taking photos, draw concept sketches and provide links to things we have bought.
  • ·         Camera Shots – this is the main shots for our film. I will do the majority of the filming but my group will also film parts.

For our script my whole group will help create this and we will all help create the storyboard but we will section it so it doesn’t take as long. The Location Reece, Casting Adverts and Sound Brief will be done by Emily. The Budget, Risk Assessments and the Director of our film will all be done by Imogen.


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