Cast and Crew

For my cast I have decided to interview a variety of different people to get a wider view of their opinion whilst sticking to my target audience. The people I have chosen to interview are Becki Day, Andy Harrison and Julie Harrison. I know these people very well and they have all been into horses for a very long time and so they are very good people to interview. These people are different ages and so have different opinions on things as things change over time. My film will be shot in the same place but at 3 different areas of this location to vary the scenery. I think by choosing these people to be part of my cast it gives me the best opportunity to gain a wider insight into the horse world.

My crew will be largely dependent on me with working by myself however I will get some help when filming off Becki Day as some shots I will need her to film me riding but most of the filming will be done by me.

filming consent forms


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