Film Evaluation Powerpoint

This is my film evaluation and powerpoint.


Film Poster

For my film poster I decided to make it very simple to relate to my film and its simplistic look. The main image I chose I felt was very striking and gave a direct eye contact between the audience and the poster. I tried to keep what was actually on poster to a minimum too and the writing I tried to get the same colour as the horses head collar so that it had some kind of theme. Overall I do not like my poster, I think by keeping it simple it has almost let my film review and film down and so if I had the chance I would do my poster again and make it more vibrant and eye-catching.


Film Review

I created my film review by using Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word; both of these programs were very useful when creating my review and feel that they played a huge part in making my film review look professional and realistic. I used Word in order to type up my review and I used Photoshop to create my review and put the house style and other editing techniques on it.
For the layout of my media text I made it as if it had come from a film review magazine and tried to almost copy other reviews on the internet to get the same style. By using this sort of template it gave my review the professional look and feel of other reviews. The main image I chose to use I felt targeted the audience well and the image almost connects with the audience due to the horses looking directly into the camera lens. I feel that this shows my film well as throughout I wanted to make a connection between the audience and my product and this reflects this throughout.
The colours and style works well together as I feel that the red/pink colour is bold and vibrant which attracts the audience’s attention immediately. I think that the colours are more female orientated but also appeal to males due to the relatively simplistic appearance of my review. The template followed the typical review layout by having page numbers in bottom corners, main image, statistics, headlines and links. The language is relatively formal but still does tie in with my target audience.


Sound Brief

For my sound brief I wanted to find a background music that could be over layed throughout my documentary that reflected the feel and tone I wanted to get. I decided to look on the internet for some non-copyrighted music to use. I finally found a song that fitted the feel and tone that I was looking for on the website which has lots of non-copyrighted music. The song that I am using is “Love Letters – Acoustic Pop Chords”.


I created a table on word for my budget for this production both my actual budget and roughly how much it would be if it was a proper industry production. As you can see from these tables the price for making a production in the industry is a lot higher due to the cost of equipment and actors.


Props and Costume

For my props and costume all of them will be supplied by my actors as they already own these types of clothing and equipment. Their costumes will be typical horse riding clothes like jodhpurs, long boots or wellies and a coat. Some props I will use will be things like a grooming kit for when I film someone grooming a horse and the tack needed to ride a horse like the saddle and bridle. I have attached a word document with some photos of similar costumes and props that may be used in my documentary.

Props and Costumes

Cast and Crew

For my cast I have decided to interview a variety of different people to get a wider view of their opinion whilst sticking to my target audience. The people I have chosen to interview are Becki Day, Andy Harrison and Julie Harrison. I know these people very well and they have all been into horses for a very long time and so they are very good people to interview. These people are different ages and so have different opinions on things as things change over time. My film will be shot in the same place but at 3 different areas of this location to vary the scenery. I think by choosing these people to be part of my cast it gives me the best opportunity to gain a wider insight into the horse world.

My crew will be largely dependent on me with working by myself however I will get some help when filming off Becki Day as some shots I will need her to film me riding but most of the filming will be done by me.

filming consent forms